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Mushroom, by the lb: Farm Fresh Non-GMO Popcorn

Mushroom, by the lb: Farm Fresh Non-GMO Popcorn

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Enjoy farm fresh MUSHROOM popcorn grown on our family farm near the Kansas/Nebraska border.

Mushroom popcorn gets its name from the big, round, mushroom-like puffs when popped. It's primarily used by gourmet popcorn shops for their candy coated flavors because it doesn't break during the coating process.

Buy it by the pound. Mushroom popcorn kernels will come in a plastic lined kraft paper bag. Transfer to an airtight storage container one you receive it to maintain freshness. Quantity refers to number of lbs. For example, if you want 3 lbs, add "3" of this listing to the cart. You will receive one bag with 3lbs of popcorn.

Pop using your favorite popping method: commercial popper, stove top, air popper or microwave. Popping directions included. Watch our YouTube videos for popping demonstrations (linked on our Products page).

Free Day Popcorn is:
* non-GMO
* naturally gluten free*
* 100% whole grain
* no trans fat
* always fresh from the farm

Harvest date: September 2018!
Please contact us if you have any questions. Make your day a Free Day!

*cleaned in a facility that processes wheat and soybeans

Also available in 50lb bulk bags. Contact us for pricing.