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Omega Mushroom™, by the lb: Farm Fresh Non-GMO Popcorn

Omega Mushroom™, by the lb: Farm Fresh Non-GMO Popcorn

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Enjoy farm fresh Omega Mushroom™ popcorn grown on our family farm near the Kansas/Nebraska border.

Mushroom popcorn gets its name from the big, round, mushroom-like puffs when popped. It's primarily used by gourmet popcorn shops for their candy coated flavors because it doesn't break during the coating process. We use our Omega Mushroom™ kernels for our salted caramel popcorn. Recipe on our blog.

Oh-Mega! Named for the last letter of the Greek alphabet, the search for your favorite mushroom popcorn ends here.

Buy it by the pound. Mushroom popcorn kernels will come in a plastic lined kraft paper bag. Transfer to an airtight storage container one you receive it to maintain freshness. Quantity refers to number of lbs. For example, if you want 3 lbs, add "3" of this listing to the cart. You will receive one bag with 3lbs of popcorn.

Pop using your favorite popping method: commercial popper, stove top, air popper or microwave. Popping directions included. Watch our YouTube videos for popping demonstrations (linked on our Products page).

Free Day Popcorn is:
* non-GMO
* naturally gluten free*
* 100% whole grain
* no trans fat
* always fresh from the farm

Harvest date: September 2019!
Please contact us if you have any questions. Make your day a Free Day!

*cleaned in a facility that processes wheat and soybeans

**handsome model not included with purchase!

Also available in 50lb bulk bags. Contact us for bulk pricing.