Popcorn Gift Bundle

Popcorn Gift Bundle

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Pick up a little something for everyone and save yourself some money in the process!

The Popcorn Gift Bundle includes:
(1) quart of yellow popcorn
(1) 2lb burlap bag of white popcorn
(1) 6 pack of yellow Popping Ears
(2) single yellow Popping Ears


Enjoy farm fresh popcorn grown on our family farm in rural Nebraska.

Pop using your favorite popping method: stove top, air popper or microwave. Popping directions included. Watch our YouTube videos for popping demonstrations (linked on our Products page).

Free Day Popcorn is:
* non-GMO
* naturally gluten free*
* 100% whole grain
* trans fat free

harvest date: September 24, 2016
Please contact us if you have any questions. Make your day a Free Day!