"Hopping Ears Basket Pack" (15 Individually Wrapped Yellow Popping Ears)

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The Easter Bunny has EARS and Popcorn has EARS. Coincidence? We think not!

It's a little known secret that the Easter Bunny LOVES Popcorn. Who needs more sugary treats for the little bunnies in your life? Popcorn's where it's at!

The "Hopping Ears Basket Pack" contains 15 individually sealed yellow Popping Ears for all the little bunnies on your shopping list!

Enjoy farm fresh popcorn by popping your popcorn fresh from the ear it was grown! Each Popping Ear was picked from our farm in rural Nebraska. Each Popping Ear is individually vacuum sealed to maintain freshness. Great as a stocking stuffer or event favor!

Pop your popcorn directly on the ear in the microwave (with or without the brown paper bag) for a fun science experiment for your children or grandchildren. Or remove the popcorn from the ear and pop using your favorite popping method: stove top, air popper or microwave. Popping directions included. Watch our YouTube videos for popping demonstrations/

Our Popping Ears are:
* non-GMO
* naturally gluten free
* 100% whole grain
* trans fat free
*always fresh from the farm

Harvested September 29, 2016.
Please contact us if you have any questions!