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Speckled (yellow/white), 6 Pack Bags: Farm Fresh, Non-GMO Popping Ears™️

Speckled (yellow/white), 6 Pack Bags: Farm Fresh, Non-GMO Popping Ears™️

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*2018 Harvest Available!

Enjoy farm fresh popcorn by receiving your popcorn fresh from the ear it was grown! Each bag contains six ears of popcorn picked from our farm on the Kansas/Nebraska border. Rustic brown kraft bag with see-through window displaying popping ears. Perfect presentation for gift giving!

Speckled Popping Ears™️ contain both yellow and white kernels on the same ear.

Pop your popcorn directly on the ear for a fun science experiment for your children or grandchildren. Or remove the popcorn from the ear and pop using your favorite popping method: stove top, air popper or microwave. Popping directions included. Watch our YouTube videos for popping demonstrations.

Our Popping Ears are:
* non-GMO
* naturally gluten free
* 100% whole grain
* no trans fat
* always fresh from the farm

Available varieties: yellow, white, speckled (yellow/white kernels), variety (a mix of yellow, white, speckled, red and/or blue ears depending on availability)

Harvested September 2018. Best if popped by September 2020.
Please contact us if you have any questions!