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Farm Fresh Popcorn

You're in the right place if you enjoy fresh food and knowing where it comes from. We're taking you back to a simpler time... when you could purchase fresh popcorn directly from the farmer and actually be involved in the growing process.

Fresh is best!

Fresh popcorn is light and crisp, has fewer hulls and crunches easily. Ideally, you'd grow your own fresh popcorn, but who has time for that? You can barely make it to the store to buy popcorn that's older than your last cell phone!

​We guarantee it will be the freshest popcorn you can buy --  we print the harvest date on each label to prove it!
Free Day Popcorn is:
  • non-GMO
  • farm fresh
  • 100% whole grain
  • naturally gluten free*
  • trans fat free
  • a high fiber snack

Free Day Popcorn is available in small giftable sizes (packaged in mason jars or burlap bags) or larger bulk sizes (35 lb and 50 lb kraft paper bags).

Store your Free Day Popcorn in an airtight container to retain freshness and pop-ability. Free Day Popcorn can be used indefinitely if it remains at its ideal 13.5% moisture level. However, freshness decreases after approximately 18 months.

*While Free Day Popcorn is naturally gluten free, it is cleaned in a facility that also processes wheat and soybeans. Popping Ears are picked by hand and do not come into any contact with gluten.


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