Our Story

In 2015, Nate and Stacey Freitag started Free Day Popcorn Company to provide consumers with the freshest popcorn available. The company name comes from the Freitags' last name. Freitag in German is Friday or literally, "frei" = "free" and "tag" = "day".

Free Day Popcorn is grown in America's Heartland along the Kansas/Nebraska border on a farm that's been in Nate's family for generations. After sampling some of the popcorn that Nate's father grew, they fell in love with how fresh the popcorn was from the field compared to what you typically buy in the grocery store.

Early 2015, Nate researched high quality popcorn seed and rented a couple acres from his parents' farm near the Kansas/Nebraska border. This fledgling new venture has become a labor of love for the Freitags.
Unlike commercial processors who may store popcorn for up 18 months before it reaches the package, we never blend with an older year's harvest.

Fresher popcorn means the popcorn pops more consistently. There are fewer unpopped kernels resulting in less waste. Fresh popcorn is light and crisp and has fewer hulls. Our customers have said it's the best popcorn they've tasted, even without the yummy popcorn toppings.

We've found that people appreciate knowing where their food comes from and having a relationship directly with the farmer that grew it.


Freitag Family Free Day Popcorn

About Us
In addition to farming, Nate teaches high school online for Insight School of Kansas, K12, Inc. He earned his Masters in Educational Leadership from California University of Pennsylvania, California, PA, and completed his undergraduate studies in Citizenship Education at Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA. He taught social studies at Huntingdon Area High School for over six years prior to moving back to the Midwest.

Stacey oversees sales and marketing for Free Day Popcorn and does so while caring for the couple's four daughters. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Communication from Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA. Prior to relocating to the Midwest, she worked as a Community Relations and Volunteer Coordinator at J.C. Blair Memorial Hospital, Huntingdon, PA, for five years, and as a Marketing Coordinator for both an engineering firm and a start up wound care company. In her spare time, she is active in her local Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group and volunteers with her daughter's Girl Scouts troop.



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Free Day Popcorn is a proud member of From the Land of Kansas.