Summer Break: Any orders placed after 5/28 will begin shipping 6/10. Thanks for your patience and understanding! Use code FREEdaySHIP at checkout for free shipping with your $75+ order!
Summer Break: Any orders placed after 5/28 will begin shipping 6/10. Thanks for your patience and understanding! Use code FREEdaySHIP at checkout for free shipping with your $75+ order!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know for sure that Free Day Popcorn is non-GMO?

We are able to guarantee that all Free Day Popcorn kernels are 100% non-GMO because all popcorn is non-GMO. In fact, genetically modified popcorn doesn’t exist. We are often asked whether or not our popcorn is genetically modified, so that’s why we put it on the label. 

Is Free Day Popcorn gluten free?

Yes! Free Day Popcorn is naturally gluten free. However, it is cleaned in a facility that also processes wheat and soybeans. Popping Ears are picked by hand and do not come into any contact with gluten.

What is the shelf life of Free Day Popcorn?

Store your Free Day Popcorn in an airtight container to retain freshness and pop-ability. Free Day Popcorn can be used indefinitely if it remains at its ideal 13.5% moisture level. However, freshness decreases after approximately 18-24 months.

Can I buy Free Day Popcorn in bulk quantities?

Yes! Free Day Popcorn is also available in 35 lb and 50 lb brown kraft paper bags. Please contact us for an individual quote. Free local delivery. Additional freight charges added for non-local deliveries.

Why do my shipping costs seem so high?

Shipping costs are calculated by shipping weight. If your shipping costs seems unreasonably high, please contact us so we may see if there is a more economical shipping option.

Do I have to pay shipping charges if I am a local customer?

No! Use code LOCALPICKUP at checkout. We can process your order without shipping charges and can schedule a time for you to pick up your order.

Where else can I buy Free Day Popcorn?

Free Day Popcorn is available to purchase on our website or by contacting us directly, and at local farmers markets, craft and food shows. Join our mailing list for updates on upcoming venues.

I own a business. Can I sell Free Day Popcorn at my retail location?

Yes! We'd love to work with you and your business. Please contact us for more information.

My popping ears aren’t exactly alike, what’s up with that?

Rest assured, the popping ear you are about to enjoy is a survivor, a champion of the prairie. Your popping ears have had a rough life. As baby kernels they were buried 2 inches in the ground and had to fight their way to the surface in the harsh Nebraska climate.  They survived gophers, hail, torrential rain, drought, bugs, deer and sorting.  Only the best ears become Free Day Popping Ears.

Are you on social media?

Yes. We love to interact with our customers. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest!

How quickly will I receive my order?

We try to ship items purchased online as quickly as possible. Typically, items will ship within 2 business days. However, during peak shopping seasons, please allow up to 5 days to receive a shipping notification.

What is your return policy?

Due to the food nature of our products, returns are not accepted. However, if you have any issues with any of our products, please contact us and we'll make it right. Possible solutions include: refund to your original form of payment or replacement of items.

My order was damaged in transit, what do I do?

First off, we're so sorry! We do our best to package all orders to prevent damage but sometimes accidents happen in transit. Please take a photo of the damage and email it to us Let us know if you prefer a replacement or a refund. See our Customer Service Policies page for more information.