Popping Instructions

popping popcorn on the ears instructions

Take one ear of popcorn and place in brown paper bag (or just in a bowl if you want to watch it pop! very fun but makes for a messy clean up!). Microwave on high for 2-3 minutes until popping slows. It is normal for some popped kernels to stay on the ear.

Popping Ear

popping popcorn off the ears instructions

If using Popping Ears, shell (remove) popcorn from the ear and place kernels in a bowl. Remove any chaff from the kernels as much as possible.


Pour 1/2 cup of kernels into a brown paper bag. Close bag and microwave on high for 2-3 minutes.  Remove from microwave once popping slows to avoid burning popcorn.

Stove Top:

Heat 3 tablespoons of oil of your choice in a large pot over medium heat. Put one or two kernels in the oil. Once they pop, pour 1/2 cup of kernels into pot and place lid on top. Shake and move the pot continuously as the popcorn pops. Remove from heat once popping slows to avoid burning popcorn.

Tastes great plain or add your favorite popcorn topping. One-half cup of kernels makes approximately 15 cups of popped popcorn. Store leftovers in an airtight container.