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Will you be my Valentine?

My girls LOVE LOVE LOVE Valentine's Day! Most every time our oldest draws a picture, it has hearts all over it. Just this past weekend, the girls redecorated the house with pink, red and purple foam hearts stickers ALL OVER EVERYTHING. There were hearts on the walls, hearts on the doors, hearts on the cabinets, hearts on their step stools, hearts on the chairs, hearts on the appliances, hearts on the windows, even hearts on their baby sister. They were so proud of their accomplishment and didn't understand why mommy wanted to cry. You wouldn't believe how impossibly well foam stickers stick and remove paint!


It was hard to rain on their parade. So instead, we diverted them to a different Valentine project that was less messy, more tasty and just as festive as their hearts! We made Sweet n' Salty Valentine Popcorn Mix. It's quick and super easy for little helpers and the flavor modifications are endless.


Sweet n' Salty Valentines Popcorn Mix


16 cups plain popcorn, popped
12 oz white chocolate chips or almond bark
2 teaspoons shortening

 1 cup M & M’s chocolate candies (red, pink & white)
1 cup mini pretzels

1 cup mini marshmallows

1 cup chex cereal
1/2 cup salted peanuts

sprinkles (pink, red)



  1. Pour popcorn into a large bowl.

  2. Mix in the M & M’s, pretzels, mini marshmallows, chex cereal, and peanuts. Add in sprinkles to taste.

  3. Place white chocolate chips and shortening into a microwave-safe bowl. Cook for 45 seconds, remove from microwave, and stir. Continue cooking at 25 second intervals, stirring each time, until chocolate is completely melted and smooth.

  4. Drizzle chocolate over popcorn mixture and gently mix until most pieces are covered with chocolate.

  5. Spread out on a large jelly roll pan (or cookie sheet) until white chocolate hardens.

  6. Store in an airtight container.


Note: recipe can be customized for any occasion (different colored M & M's for different holidays). Add or subtract ingredients as desired.


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