Last Chance and Packaging Update

Last Chance & Packaging photos

August 30, 2016

Funding Update:

  • 28 backers

  • $954 pledged of $6,500 goal (14%)

  • 45 hours to go

We can't thank you enough for backing and believing in this project. While reaching our goal is still a long shot - with only 45 hours to go - we've learned so much in this process, from fine tuning our message and our goals in production of the project video, to interacting with backers and potential backers, etc.


We value the experience for what it is and move on with a renewed sense of purpose. Even if we do not reach funding, we appreciate that Kickstarter has allowed us to reach some of their community and introduce farm fresh Free Day Popcorn and Popping Ears with those that would otherwise not have heard about us. More than half of our backers are people that have found us through Kickstarter!


That said, with or without funding, Popping Ears will be coming market later this fall. We have a number of our current retail outlets that have been anticipating this year's harvest of Popping Ears! Nate is counting down the days to harvest and we have a crew ready and waiting to hand-pick our Popping Ears!


As a thank you for backing our project, keep an eye out for an "backers only" update at the end of the week with a coupon code good for a future purchase of our farm fresh, non-GMO popcorn at!

Packaging Update: 

As shared in a previous update, we have found that vacuum sealing is the best bet for sealing in freshness for our individual Popping Ears. The good news is that this internal chamber vacuum sealer is less expense than the shrink wrapping machines at which we previously been looking. Yay for cost savings!


Below is a mock up of the bags of Popping Ears. Look past the white paper. The labels will be clear stickers that will allow the kraft paper to show through underneath. Labels are currently being ordered. Final art submission will be completed as soon as we harvest the Popping Ears, so we can include the harvest date on each package! This guarantees you have the freshest popcorn you can buy without growing it yourself! The box on the back will be for the barcode!


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