Listen Up: We're ALL EARS!

Listen up! We're all "EARS"

August 23, 2016

Time is flying by! It's hard to believe there's only about a week to go!

Funding Update:

Thanks to all the new backers in the last few days. It's fun to see people from all over the US find (and back!) our project!

To date, we have:

  • 25 backers

  • $767 pledged (11% of $6,500 goal)

  • 8 days to go

We still have a way to go to reach our goal in 8 days time, but crazier things have happened!! If you believe in this project, please share away with friends and family members. Nate and I appreciate your support so much!


 Popping Ears in the "starch" phase


Project & Popcorn Update:

Our days are spent more and more on Free Day Popcorn related activities as we approach harvest in a few more weeks! Right now, the popcorn is starting to mature and the plants are using a lot less water. The kernels are in the "starch" phase and are hardening very quickly as starch fills them.  You can still bite through a kernel but not for long! Over the next few weeks they will continue to mature and harden in anticipation of being handpicked and ready to be popped!

 aerial photo of Free Day Popcorn field


This last week has been especially busy on the packaging and production end! After researching shrink wrapping machines, Nate discovered that we really need to vacuum seal the Popping Ears. A shrink wrapped package only serves as a dust cover, whereas vacuum sealing the ears will help keep the Popping Ears at the correct moisture level for ultimate pop-ability and will seal in freshness. We have our eye on a commercial internal vacuum sealer and are getting quotes on vacuum seal bags. The advantage of an internal vacuum sealer is that we can use completely clear bags to showcase the Popping Ears.


After receiving printing quotes, Stacey is finalizing the label designs for the pack of 5 and individual Popping Ears. She was also able to find elastic stretch loops with pre-tied bows to attach the labels to the product. These babies will increase our efficiency and standardize bow size. Nate no longer has to take an hour to tie one bow. We're excited to be getting a better picture in our heads of what the final product will look like. Stacey's been putting together some prototypes and hopes to be able to share a markup with you all soon!

Media Coverage:

This morning, we had a telephone interview with a reporter from The Altoona Mirror (Stacey's local hometown paper). Free Day Popcorn & Popping Ears will be featured in their special Agriculture section on Septmeber 5!

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