Local Publicity & a Sneak Peek!

Local Publicity & a Sneak Peek

August 16, 2016

Local Publicity

Just wanted to share that our Free Day Popcorn's Popping Ears Kickstarter campaign was recently featured in one of our local newspapers "The Deshler Rustler" this past week.

 featured in The Deshler Rustler (Aug 10, 2016)


It's always a bit surreal to see your name and your company in print anywhere!  We're hopeful that our local community will see what we're up to and help support our Popping Ears project on Kickstarter - just like you have! If you're local and read the article, let us know!

Piece by Piece

Behind the scenes, things are moving along. In some ways, it feels like we are doing a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. We're putting this project together piece by piece and praying it looks like a complete picture in the end (with all of the pieces in the right place)!


This morning, we met with our "bag guy" about labeling and printing options for our pack of 5 Popping Ears. We're expecting a price quote soon and hope to have labels printed in September to be able to fulfill orders in late October/early November. We're excited that they will feature a tamper evident seal to help give our customers piece of mind that their Popping Ears are indeed fresh from the field!


We also received sample of burgundy stretch loops with pre-tied bows that will adorn the pack of 5 Popping Ears with the instruction tag. Nate is probably most excited about these - as he won't be asked to tie bows anymore! ;-)


Stacey's been designing updated drafts of the Popping Ears labels and tags for the individual ears and the packs of 5 Popping Ears. We're awaiting price quotes from local printers. We're getting closer - piece by piece.

Just for fun:

A sneak peek at something we've been expectantly awaiting... and hoping it would be as cool as we pictured in our minds: Peaches & Cream Popping Ears

 "Peaches & Cream" Popping Ears


 These were an experiment. One we are still not fully sure if they will pan out or not but will hopefully be the best of both worlds. We cross-pollinated our white popcorn with our yellow popcorn, giving you a Popping Ear with both yellow and white popcorn kernels.


Let us know what you think, would you be interested in a "Peaches & Cream" Popping Ear? Or have a really creative name of what to call them?


We won't have a huge supply of these multi-colored beauties, so they'll definitely be a limited edition.


As always, drop us a line if you have any questions or suggestions!


Make your Day a Free Day!

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